Bath or shower? Which is better?

The answer is fairly simple: whichever one you prefer! But the two methods do have their own strengths and weaknesses , all depending on your priorities. Let’s compare these two and see how they stack up.

Bath vs shower


While having a shower set up is a convenient way to clean yourself in a quick way, having a bath is the ultimate relaxation method. Who doesn’t like to take a load off once in a while? In a bath you can relax your entire body and focus on soothings things such as music or silence. 

Skin care

There are tons of people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Taking a bath can worsen this condition by drying out the skin causing itchy flakey skin. Taking a short warm shower helps reduce the drying of the skin. 

Water consumption

According to the U.S. Geological survey the average bath uses 36 gallons of water where a shower head only 5 gallons per minute. There is no way around not wasting water but we can definitely lower the consumption of the water we use by installing low water consumption fixtures. Ask one of the techs at Moe’s plumbing services for the most up to date water saving fixture available. 

Reference: U.S. Geological survey 
Picture credits: Houzz


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