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Repiping with Drywall

Fitting a new piping system or repairing an internal pipe can be a difficult job, and it is always recommended to employ an experienced professional to efficiently carry out the repiping service and ensure to complete the drywall repair safely and effectively so that there is no need for follow on services after the repiping has been completed. We provide our repiping services around the Vancouver area and can accommodate repairs for both residential properties and commercial practices.
We generally carry out the repiping process by starting off with a phone call between one of our helpful consultants and the client, allowing us to gather important information. We will then arrive at your home to complete a free inspection of the worksite and existing setup. We will begin as early as possible and start with cutting sheetrock and installing new pipes, followed by matching paint and texture.
Give us a call today and have a chat with one of our experienced team, and let’s get the job started for you as soon as possible!

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